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Graphic Chemical Oil Based Etching & Perfection Palette Inks

Graphic Chemical Logo Inks suitable for etching and intaglio processes that use oil based technology. There are two lines of oil based intaglio inks produced by Graphic Chemical.

Standard Inks

Colors similar to those used by printers

* Perfection Pallette

A more extensive range of colors found on an artists pallette. The perfection pallette inks have the added advantage of being suitable for both intaglio and relief printing techniques.

Ink Colors

Item #     Etching Ink Color MPN   Item #     Etching Ink Color MPN
5020202 MidnightBlue.jpg   Midnight Blue 579C 5020102 DarkBrown.jpg   Dark Brown 545C
5020212 CarbazoleViolet.jpg   Carbazole Violet 2314C 5020112 BurntUmber.jpg   Burnt Umber 603C
5020222 ThaloTurquoise.jpg   Thalo Turquoise 2337C 5020122 BurntSienna.jpg   Burnt Sienna 753C
5020232 ThaloBlueGreenShade.jpg   Thalo Blue - Green Shade 2343C 5020132 YellowOchre.jpg   Yellow Ochre 1028C
5020252 ThaloBlue.jpg * Thalo Blue - Red Shade 1016C 5020142 RawSienna.jpg   Raw Sienna 1055C
5020262 UltramarineBlue.jpg * Ultramarine Blue 1017C 5020152 RawUmber.jpg   Raw Umber 1717C
5020272 CobaltBlue.jpg * Cobalt Blue 1024C 5020162 Sepia.jpg   Sepia 2265C
5020282 PeacockBlue.jpg * Permanent Peacock Blue 2041C 5020172 RedIronOxide.jpg   Red Iron Oxide 2331C
5020292 ProcessBlue.jpg * Process Blue 2346C 5020182 MarsVioled.jpg   Mars Violet 2334C
5020352 ThaloRed.jpg   Thalo Red 2336C 5020192 IndianRed.jpg   Indian Red 2341C
5020362 RoseMadder.jpg * Rose Madder 1018C 5020802 SilverMetallic.jpg   Silver Metallic 1861C
5020372 CadmiumRedDark.jpg * Cadmium Red Dark 1025C 5020812 KaratGold.jpg   Karat Gold 2027C
5020412 CadmiumRedMeduim.jpg * Cad Red Medium 2327C 5020822 CopperBronze.jpg   Copper Bronze 2248C
5020382 CadmiumRedLight.jpg * Cadmium Red Light 1026C 5020832 PaleGold.jpg   Pale Gold 2316C
5020392 BrightRed.jpg * Bright Red 1044C          
5020402 AlizarinCrimson.jpg * Alizarin Crimson 2138C 5020732 PaynesGray.jpg   Payne’s Gray 2325C
5020422 Process Magenta.jpg * Process Magenta 2347C 5020012 StiffBlack.jpg   Stiff Black 135C
5020502 Green.jpg   Green 577C 5020022 BlueBlack.jpg   Blue Black 327C
5020512 ThaloViridian.jpg   Thalo Viridian 2333C 5020032 BoneBlack.jpg   Bone Black 514C
5020522 DeepForestGreen.jpg   Deep Forest Green 2372C 5020042 VineBlack.jpg   Vine Black 1014C
5020532 ViridianGreen.jpg * Viridian Green 1022C 5020052 RenaissanceBlack.jpg   Renaissance Black 2398C
5020542 ThaloGreen.jpg * Thalo Green 2099C 5020062 Graphite.jpg   Graphite 2326C
5020582 Orange.jpg   Orange 2292C 5020072 IntenseBlack.jpg * Intense Black 1797C
5020592 CadmiumYellow.jpg * Cadmium Yellow 1020C 5020082 ProcessBlack.jpg * Process Black 2348C
5020602 ProcessYellow.jpg   Process Yellow 2349C 5020702   Opaque White 1000C
5020612 DiarylideYellow.jpg * Diarylide Yellow 1599C 5020712   Transparent White 2410C
5020622 CadmiumOrange.jpg   Cadmium Orange 1021C 5020722   Radiant White 2411C
    * Perfection Palette         * Perfection Palette  

*Graphic Chemical perfection palette inks are suitable for both intaglio and relief printing.

Ink Modifiers

Etching Base is used to create custom colors while maintaining opacity.

Easy Wipe is used to reduce ink tack, giving more control during wiping.

Tint Base Extender creates a tint of the original color.

Magnesium Carbonate is used to stiffen ink.

Cobalt Drier ink drying agent used to shorten the drying time of inks.

Also Available: Graphic Chemical Litho Inks

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