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Custom Color Presses

Standard Colors

Floor Model Presses Standard Finish

Floor Model Press Standard Finish
Floor Model Presses have a silver vien metallic wrinkle powdercoat finish.

Table Top Press Standard Finish

Table Top Standard Finish
Table Top Presses have a antique white wrinkle powdercoat finish.

Custom Color Chart

Takach Custom Red Litho Press
Takach Custom Color Color Chart View Full Size Note: Colors Aproximate

About Custom Colors Presses

Custom colors are available on the powdercoated parts of presses.


Pricing is for a single custom color, further customization is available, including press bed color and multiple color presses.

Floor Model Presses $750
Table Top Presses $495 - includes support bench custom color


Color chart colors are aproximate, actual colors may varry.

Standard Colors Vs. Custom Colors

Standard color presses are a wrinkle finish, this finish helps to obscure surface imperfections. Custom colors are high gloss and will show more surface imperfections.
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