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Graphic Chemical Litho Chemistry and lithography Supplies: Litho Varnish

Graphic Chemical Litho Varnish

Graphic Chemical Litho Inks
Graphic Litho Varnish is Linseed oil, that has been bodied by heating to produce a vehicle of proper viscosity for use in litho ink.

Lithographic Varnish Manufactured by Graphic Chemical

These 1 pint cans of litho varnish are used to modify the viscosity of litho inks to achieve the desired gloss or sheen when dry. When added to litho inks on the slab litho varnish alters the viscosity of the ink either loosening it or stiffen.

Item# 540101

Litho Varnish #00

Item# 540111

Litho Varnish #3

Item# 540121

Litho Varnish #5

Item# 540131

Litho Varnish #7

Item# 540141

Litho Varnish #8

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