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Aqua Tint Screen

Aqua Tint ScreenPurpose

In photo intaglio an ebbeded grain is essential when exposing photo sensitive materials such as:

Photo intaglio

Photopolymer materials require an embed grain to create tonality and areas of solid black. Exposing the photopolymer emulsion to an aquatint screen creates a grain that holds ink in the dark areas that would otherwise wash out completly creating an "open bite" effect.


To expose a KM 83 photopolymer plate in relief do not use the aquatint screen.


Random pattern

These aqua tint screens are custom-made random pattern stochastic tint screens. Their random dot pattern eliminates the mechanical patterns of halftone screens. Similar to traditional aquatint on copper plate which utilizes powdered rosin as an acid resist, the aquatint screen masks areas of the photosensitive material from ultraviolet light creating a non-mechanical structure of intimately spaced ink wells in areas that would otherwise "open bite". The resulting tonal ranges appear organic.


These contact screens are similar to 300 dot screen. 70 - 75% opaque black dot coverage.


The aquatint screen is placed in direct contact with the photopolymer emulsion during exposure. Aquatint screens are reusable and may be cut to custom sizes. Aquatint Screens must be handled with care!



Item # 53017

Printmaking with photopolymer platePrintmaking with photopolymer plates

A complete guide to the uses of photopolymer plates with step-by-step instructions. The book includes an overview of various print media, a history of photopolymer plate and schematic for building an exposure unit. 

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